I write well-researched, visually supported content with an eye on text optimization and branding.

Website + Social Content

I deeply index pages to the rest of the site, make them an easy read for visitors, and support them with images. I also write optimized social content with supporting visuals.

Articles, Case Studies, Research

I’m a trained researcher who recognizes good data, uses credible resources, and creates elegant visuals to make complex information accessible.


  • Sources + Data + Quotes: In the final piece I include linked references to reputable sources in your field, embedded or linked data if relevant, and quotes from subject authorities. For a case study, I also cite any sources you have provided.
  • Links to your content: I review your website’s content history and link to anything relevant in order to deepen reader engagement with existing work.

Qualitative Research:

  • Efficient + Comprehensive: Due to my former career as an academic, I have access to an extensive array of research resources and am trained to use them responsibly. I am able to do efficient and comprehensive research for a variety of topics. You can see reviews of my previous work HERE.
  • Cited Sources in Required Style: All sources will be formatted in the style appropriate to the project. I have experience working in various citation styles ranging from widely used (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian) to journal/industry-specific.


  • For data: I design a chart, graph, or map to represent your key data so your reader’s understanding improves and other sites “trackback” to your content.
  • For a strong theme: I utilize theme-specific stock photography, which will break-up content into accessible sections and increase social sharing.
  • For crucial information: I create a relevant infographic to engage your readers and boost your site traffic.
  • For key quotes: I format the content to include a quote visual, which breaks up the information and engages your reader.


  • Title + Topic: I check these against current queries on your subject matter and adjust phrasing to attract your targeted audience.
  • Competition: I analyze the top 5 search engine results on your topic and shape content to address the angles of your competitors.
  • Load time: All supporting visuals are re-sized to improve page/post load time and overall performance.
  • Mobile-friendly: Format adjusted to read easily on mobile devices.
  • Layout: I structure the layout of the post or page to be an easy read.


  • Logo + Font + Color: I use Adobe CC applications to match your logo/site’s specific font and color palette. I then design any supporting visuals within those parameters, adding your logo to the corner of the final visual product.
  • Voice + Message: I use 3 existing written samples of your choosing to guide my language, sentence structure, and tone so my content blends seamlessly with your organization’s natural voice and underlying message.